Lara’s Studio: Dave Smith!

November 2022 edition!

Hello Tomb Raider fans!

Now we find ourselves in November a few steps from Christmas with December right around the corner! How time flies! For the great month of November let’s welcome David Smith a wonderful virtual photographer from the Tomb Raider community. Let’s celebrate his beautiful virtual photos from that amazing franchise!
I will point out one of my most favorite things about his captures are the expressions he comes away with from our Lara! The expression tells the story, and brings us into Lara’s world! Such awesome work, and now let’s learn more about this amazing and kind virtual photographer!

The Bio

Hello dear readers!
I have the honor today to be a new member within Lara’s Studios thanks to Emma, ​​whom I thank very much for this opportunity ❤️ and this is the opportunity to introduce myself today to those who do not know me little or not at all.

My name is David aka MightyThor_LC aka DavSmith (I’m more commonly known as Davsmith). I’m 20 years old, I’m French, I live around Marseille, student in 3D modeling, and fan of Tomb Raider for 15 years now. I personally have a rather unique experience with Lara, because in my youth and the dark moments of my life, I spend hours redoing levels in Crystal Dynamics games (Legend, Anniversary and Underworld), trying to find angles of views to take pictures of my TV with my phone.

I’m a fan of all eras of Tomb Raider, but LAU stuck with me, especially Underworld. The World of Tomb Raider allowed me to get away from certain life difficulties, certain family problems. More recently in 2020 I got on Twitter, discovered some amazing people there, kind, talented, caring, united people, which really got me into the fandom even more. Everyone on Twitter brings me a spark of positivity daily which helps me mentally immensely.

When I started virtual photography, I wanted to capture the flame of Lara, this spark that makes us love the character whatever the era, whatever the Lara, whatever the outfit, or whatever the game. I also wanted to draw my love for Lara Croft from this field because I consider virtual photography to be an art, an art that I have always admired in the past, and that I continue to admire daily.

Today it’s been several months since I embarked on this adventure, and the fact of being today already integrated into Lara’s Studio warms my heart and even took me by surprise, because it shows me that the work that I do is recognized and appreciated. I thought I was just preparing these photos without having any visibility once published, because before that, all I did was support others without really daring to take the plunge.

Besides that, I also opened a fandom site (@/WorldOfRaiders) on Twitter, I also have an Instagram account where I share my VPs. World of Raiders allows me to highlight everyone’s work, whether in Virtual Photography, in mods, in fan arts, in fan projects, in fan mades… Because I think that all work deserves respect and love , even if deep down we don’t think about the success of what we do but rather about the love we have for the license and for Lara.
This adventure brings me a lot on a daily basis, and I can’t wait to see where it will take me!

I want to thank Emma from the bottom of my heart for choosing me as a new member of Lara’s Studios, it’s a great and priceless honor, and I also want to thank my friends on Twitter (you know who you are) you are awesome! ❤️
For those I don’t know yet, I can’t wait to meet you!❤️

What a lovely biography!Thank you, David, and I am glad to feature you!

The Gallery

When you look at these beautiful portraits of Lara, keep in mind the use of color and of certain highlights. For example; the way the light outlines Lara in the photo by the temple. Then shift your attention to the portrait with the purple background. The sweaty shine on Lara. Everything is arranged for the subject to burst from the screen, and into your heart. Enjoy the gallery!

And remember to follow Dave at his alternate account:

Also, don’t forget to follow him on his Instagram!👇👇

Another Twitter

Well, that’s it for November’s edition of Lara’s Studio! This year is flying by fast so don’t forget to bookmark my site for the latest updates on virtual photography, digital art, classic art, archeology, cooking, news about Tomb Raider franchise and everything in between and beyond from Tomb Raider and the real world! Look for the December edition around the 1st!

Lara’s Studio is here to promote the wonderful virtual photography talent of the Tomb Raider community to give them the recognition they deserve, and put them in a featured spotlight on my official Tomb Raider site!

Explore the World!


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