Lara’s Studio: Alex!

Winter Edition February 2023

Hi everybody! I’m happy to say welcome to the February edition of Lara’s Studio! In this winter edition we welcome fellow official website owner and friend the very talented Alex!

One of the things that draws me into digital art, oil painting etc is the rich palette of colors and use of light that makes the subject pop and feel real!

Alex has the ability to capture the realism in his paintings of Lara. He has a natural talent that everyone should be able to enjoy. So now let’s get to know dear Alex a bit more and then enjoy his fantastic skill as an artist in the gallery that will follow! ❤️


Hey everyone!

First of all I would love to thank Ohk Eshivar Tomb Raider Fansite for this opportunity. I will introduce myself with a few words.

My name is Alex, also known as Arts by Alex and webmaster of the Official TR Fansite called Tomb Raider Drawings and I’m an artist and a huge Tomb Raider fan. Since I was a child I had always been fascinated by the videogames world but in particular, speaking of the saga in question, by the protagonist Lara Croft and her enormous sense of adventure and strong determination, two of her many characteristics.

I still remember how it was my father who introduced me to this magnificent saga on his Playstation 1 and i remember playing Tomb Raider: Chronicles (2000) during my childhood; this was the game with which I have known Lara since I have memory and despite my tender age I adored getting lost in the vast Roman streets of the first levels of the game and playing the role of such a strong, charismatic and adventurous person definitely made a non indifferent impact in my life.

From there I continued to explore each chapter year after year of the series, falling more and more in love with the game world and the events related to Lara during her various adventures as well as the artistic part (other side and passion very important to me) which support the series.

As I said at the beginning I’m an artist; I started drawing when I was very little and it’s a huge passion of mine that I’m trying to constantly develop and, hopefully, becomes a impactful part of my future. Lara Croft is one of the many characters that i draw, and the one i drew the most (as i actually remember ahahah). From starting with Classic Lara, then LAU and Reboot i always enjoy drawing her and give my personal twists. I’ve made traditional drawings before since that’s how I started but I’ve also been drawing digitally for three years. Here are some of my favourite drawings I’ve made in the past, featuring Lara in many different concepts and locations inspired by the games and also some external projects. 

A huge thanks to Emma for letting me be part of Lara’s Studio and if you want to follow my art journey you can follow me here:




Bravo, Alex! Your words are inspiring and I love your passion for Tomb Raider through art and gameplay! And thank you very much it’s been a pleasure putting this feature together! Now let us all enjoy Alex’s wonderful artwork in the gallery to follow.

The Gallery

Please note that each individual image from this gallery is owned by Alex and created by Alex.

Please click on each image for larger view.

Aren’t these lovely? If you haven’t followed Alex on Twitter and the other links above in his bio please do. There is even more beautiful artwork residing there!


Here is an excerpt from his Instagram which is outstanding!

I adore the perspective and expression on Lara’s face here. Everything works together it’s cohesive in the way it’s colored and posed. Alex captured the essence of Lara Croft! It’s so beautiful and one shining example of many as you could see from the gallery on this feature and from his Instagram account and others.

And of course @scionjay96 as said above provided the image for reference in this piece. Jay is a fantastic virtual photographer which I have featured before. Both Jay and Alex are worthy of great praise!

I hope you have enjoyed Lara’s Studio for February 2023! Stay tuned for what March will bring! See you all later!

Lara’s Studio is here to promote and showcase the wonderful talent of the Tomb Raider community. That talent reaches from virtual photography, digital art and classic artwork! From passionate fans expressing their love for the franchise! It’s sole purpose is to bring an opportunity to artists that work hard at what they do and to give them the recognition they deserve, and put them in a featured spotlight on my official fansite!

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