Lara’s Studio: Carina

April 2023 edition

Welcome to my Lara’s Studio April edition! Today we welcome Carina! She works in 3D renders (her personal version created with Daz. A 3D posing program that is off the chart amazing.) of Lara Croft mostly from the classic games. Her work is stunning. Her concept of Lara is wonderful and feels like you are looking at Lara from another unseen part of one of the classic games! She has captured a sense of realism that could blend into Tomb Raider with no effort. Yes, her work is that good!

Now let’s get to know her better!


My name is Carina Berggren/tombraider4ever/ LaraCroft4ever, I will be 51 in April and I work pretty much
24/7 w my Tomb Raider/Lara Croft fanart. I work with my own Lara model made inside Daz studio using
very detailed head and body morphs shaping her down the smallest details like for instance the shape of
her nosewings. I feel I was born to make my cl Lara fanart, it’s the purpose of my life, a burning fire in my
blood to do this until I die.

Working with my art lifts me up, distracts me from my bad mental health, makes me feel joy as I work no
matter how hard things are. My Lara model is always waiting for me when I start Daz, always on my side,
having my back, always ready to have fun with me, saving my life every single day, both my Lara model and
the character of Lara.
I mainly make art of classic Lara Croft from the Core era games, but sometimes of LAU Lara also, rarely of
Reboot era L, but I have made a few of those also. Even if I feel that cl Lara is the true Lara I feel that Lara is
for everyone, no L left behind.

I live with my boyfriend – for me the most amazing, supportive, wonderful person in the world ♥, in our
house with our 2 fluffy cats in a small town in the north of Sweden. I can’t work due to my bad mental
health so that’s why I can work so much w my art, I have an infinite amount of energy for my art, I can have
a cold, bad back pain, feel strong anxiety and still work my ass off w my art, so no limit to my energy for my
art, in all other things: extremely low energy.

I don’t and most likely never will sell my art due to that selling fanart strictly is illegal and due to that art
theft – people stealing my art in all ways they can – and due to people inventing new way to steal art all the
time. So I can’t share unmarked art in any way , for the reason of protecting the thing that saves my life
every day – my ability and passion to make art. If no water marks and I feel like I work for the art thieves
and that would kill my ability to make art. So I’m protecting my mental health with the water marking, not
protecting an income from prints ect as I don’t sell my art in any way, never have, never will.

If you want to support me you can by following my pages, click like if you like my art that I post, comment if
you wish. Positive feedback is the best way to support me. I have a very low income due to that I can’t work
so of course it would be welcome if you want to support me on Ko-fi also, here:
Here are links to my main social media pages, the only places that I post my art, I cut out deviantart to save
my energy. My social medias here:
, ,
You can find all art that I have released through the years except for most of last year and this year when I
stopped posting there, but everything else, 14 years of artworks you can find here: .

Albums of the art missing from deviantart here: , and here: , except the artworks I have
made this year which can be found at all of those social media pages.
I want to Thank all of you who have followed me through the years, new followers and those who have
been with me since I started, to all of you: Thank you all so much, it means the world to me! ♥


Now on with the gallery of beautiful creations by Carina!

Of course I couldn’t resist posting this! Flashdance was a great film and this scene from the movie was a highlight! I love it! You can find this piece and so much more on the Twitter account and follow all the links in Carina’s bio for further viewing.

And here is another special treat! This is Carina’s Instagram account! Isn’t this picture lovely? As you can see there’s a lot of work in her accounts and it’s absolutely worth every second to follow this talented artist at her different accounts. Such beautiful artistry! ❤️

And there you go! I hope you enjoyed this edition of Lara’s Studio. See you all in May!

Lara’s Studio is here to promote and showcase the wonderful talent of the Tomb Raider community. That talent reaches from virtual photography, digital art and classic artwork! From passionate fans expressing their love for the franchise! It’s sole purpose is to bring an opportunity to artists that work hard at what they do and to give them the recognition they deserve, and put them in a featured spotlight on my official fansite!

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