Lara’s Studio: Susie Gander

May 2023 Edition

Hello everyone! Welcome to Lara’s Studio! Here we are in May already with summer around the corner! So let’s welcome a talented artist as well as a fellow official Tomb Raider admin, Susie Gander!
I have admired her flair in capturing Lara in her beautiful work for quite a while! I am thrilled to feature/ spotlight her in Lara’s Studio! So let’s learn more about Susie!


Hi All, hope you are all well and thank you so much to the Ohk Eshivar Tomb Raider Fansite to share my work with you.
I have always loved art since an early age and would draw a lot in childhood, but also a curiosity around Egyptian history, since doing lessons at school.
In 1996 we received a PS1 for Christmas and were allowed to buy one game for the console. So on arrival at Beaties (yes, I am that old … Beaties is an old gaming shop from the Uk) and Tomb Raider was on the screen, I was fixed, this was my game of choice and I fell in love with the game and Lara immediately.
Lara is such a strong, independent and courageous character who never gives up, this is what I find so inspiring. In recent years, I battled cancer and always think it was learning from Lara’s determination to never give up, that helped me find strength to drive through.
From the moment I started playing the game, I drew Lara (so much so, I got told off in a science class for doodling). Have a stack of old drawings and it’s nice to see how I have developed over the years. I have never counted how many times I have drawn Lara now, but it”s….. a lot 🙂

The Tomb Raider Community is full of so many incredibly talented creative people and admire how supportive we all are to each other and how much official Tomb Raider supports creative fan art. I adored the artwork videos pulled together for the anniversary, they were beautiful. It was lovely to see everyone’s work in one place, this is why we launched the Croft Collection, to build a dedicated Tomb Raider fan art gallery. Essentially an image hosting platform dedicated to all things Mrs Croft with some amazing artists from the community already hosting their work, we would love for this to build up more …it’s an online gallery so unfortunately there no champagne on arrival, but it doesn’t stop you having a tipple at your laptop or ipad 🙂 The Croft Collection is also part of the Official Tomb Raider Fansite Programme.

I am really looking forward to what is in store for us as fans, it feels like something big is brewing, what with Amazon, the anime, Hayley Atwell, a new tv series, game …. hopefully even some remakes/remasters would be amazing. Whatever it will be, I cannot wait for the community to all get stuck back in to figuring out tiny clues in promo work and the inspiring drawings that will come from the new games.

If you would like to contribute to the Croft Collection or follow along my work and work from various artists across the community, you can use links below


The Croft Collection


Thank you, Susie for such a glowing biography. Awesome! And now that we’ve all learned so much about Susie let’s check out her artwork. I know you’re going to love it!


These are beautiful art pieces that Susie has created. But this is just a sample she has a lot more work that you can find on her Twitter account as well as her website the Croft Collection where she not only features her own work but the work of the Tomb Raider community. And you all know I love that idea and couldn’t applaud it more.

Also here is another shining example of Susie’s wonderful talent and in drawing Lara Croft! This was also a special day because it’s when she became an official website!

And that’s a wrap to another month and another amazing artist!

Lara’s Studio is about helping the Tomb Raider community shine in their artistic endeavors in a special feature spotlight article written for each month! If you would like to be featured on my official Tomb Raider site and Lara’s Studio you may contact me through DM here at Twitter or my email

Thank you all for you support and interest. I appreciate it a great deal. If I don’t get back to you right away it’s not anything other than being hyper busy.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next Lara’s Studio summer edition for June! Tempest fugit when you’re having fun!

Explore the world!


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