Introductions …


Screenshot taken by Emma’s Quill 2014

The large doors of the centuries old manor beckoned the aged butler making his way to answer the thudding, urgent knocks. Upon opening the heavy doors a slender, blond man wearing tinted glasses that made his sharp angled face appear harsh stood waiting to be invited inside.  Before the butler who has served the Croft estate all his long life could say a word, from over his shoulder came a smooth, elegant female voice.

‘Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lara Croft. Welcome to my home. You are a friend of Von Croy? So you graduated from The University of Salzburg?  You’re an archaeologist?

‘Yes Miss Croft, yes I did. Werner always had a soft spot for you.’

Lara’s brown, almond shaped eyes narrowed as her brow furrowed.

‘Hmm, we didn’t part as friends, sir. That is curious indeed.’ Lara watched the man in the white suite hastily remove his hat as he took in his breath with a swift gasp. Clearly he was nervous. But why?  She smiled and turned, walking toward a large Rococo sofa in front of a roaring hearth where a portrait of Lara’s parents resided above the mantle.

‘Have a seat on the sofa and enjoy a cup of tea. Although I am accustomed to reporters coming to ask me questions about my travels, I am not going to tell you everything. Furthermore, speaking to you is rather like speaking to a ghost.’

‘Whatever do you mean, Miss Croft?’

‘You dress as he, and you sound a great deal as he did. I nearly thought Werner Von Croy came back from the dead when I first set eyes upon you. But that cannot be. We both know that.’

Only Lara wasn’t smiling. Not to mention her comment sounded more like a question than a statement.  The man found the atmosphere increasingly uncomfortable. He sat on the sofa and remained silent for a time. Lara studied him; her eyes scanned him like they were X-rays probing every thought inside his mind. He knew she was the daughter of a genius. He knew she had an uncanny way of finding things.

‘After your tea, I shall direct you to the library. You will find a multitude of tomes which will address your inquisitive nature. Of course, there are my personal journals. Those shall never be looked through by you though. If I bestow anything from those, count yourself lucky.

As an archaeologist I am sure you know how hard some information can be to come by. Enjoy your tea. I shall join you in a few minutes. Good day Mr. Nelson. ’

Lara turned to walk from the room. For all she knew this mystery man was another treasure hunter disguised as an archaeologist. She knew her secrets were safe. However, she would be careful as every true Croft knows to be. She wondered; could this be the rival Werner hinted about in her childhood? Hmm — Her butler entered to serve the curious man. Thereafter, Lara directed Mr. Nelson to the library where his thirst for information she hoped would be quenched.

So as Lara would say; Allow me to show you around Croft Manor. Enjoy the Croft Library & Journals, screenshots from Lara’s numerous adventures, and later you may even find some lesser known adventurers our Lara has experienced. You never know. There are more places to explore in Lara’s spectacular manor home. Come along discover her fascinating adventures on this fan-site! Tally-ho! 




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