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Student of Egyptology. Huge Tomb Raider fan. I adore being an Official Fansite in the Official Tomb Raider Fansite program! I have made many great lasting friendships and look forward to many more. I am an Explorer. World Traveler. Writer. Languages. I enjoy web developing, meeting new friends, having a true blast in the Tomb Raider fan circle. I like to laugh. Have fun. Always learning. Family is an important factor in my life. I do not waste precious time being angry, catty, gossipy, hateful nor a troublemaker. If you are a mean, hateful person, I will just stop talking to you. *waves goodbye whilst smiling* Being nice is good. So, stop by and say hi if you drop in. I would love to hear from you!

My 20 Anniversary Badges!

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A re-posting of some artwork I did for the 20th! Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider I have created these page badges. Each one is from one of the Tomb [...]

Lara the Explorer Part Two!


Yep as planed these are my art of Lara Croft from Legend and Anniversary. Enjoy! I have been working quite hard on other projects, and work in general and also Adventures and [...]

Lara The Explorer Part 1


Yep, it’s a play on words! LOL! I have been creating a few more Lara art pieces. These are from the Classic era. There are some Legend and Anniversary ones, too. Part Two [...]

Exploring the Great Sphinx


January 31, 2020 11:47 am Photo: Jeffrey Ross Burzacott We all remember the Sphinx and several other levels involving the Sphinx in Tomb Raider 4. TR4  is on my list of [...]

My SOTTR Archaeology Collection


Hello all! This page will serve as a collection of educational articles that I have written for SOTTR (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) I have a lot of material on items attached [...]

2019 Petite Wrap up!


 Hello all Enjoy a small wrap up for the 2019 and also 2020 marks the 5th year of my site being an official Tomb Raider site! I am so happy to announce this little [...]

Christmas Croft


Hi, all you tomb Raider fans. This is a busy time of year for many and I am no exception. As you all know I adore art. I made some themed Lara Croft portraits centred on [...]

Chicha de jora


Corn used for making Chicha Throughout Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you will see these Urpu jars in markets at shrines in sacred temples even in tombs. I wrote an article about [...]

Lara Croft Halloween!


  In the spirit of Halloween, I have been working on a series of Lara Croft  portraits and such themed for Halloween. I posted them on Twitter here and there as [...]

SOTTR Videos Gameplay & Education


A poster I received from Crystal Dynamics Here is a gallery of my own gameplay for the challenge tombs from Shadow of the Tomb Raider. There is more here than gameplay there [...]

The Macuahuitl From SOTTR


Screenshot from Shadow of the Tomb Raider taken by Okh Eshivar 2019 Welcome Tomb Raider fans! In Shadow of the Tomb Raider we see a lot of Trinity guards loyal to the cult of [...]

The Cenote


Screenshot by Okh Eshivar from personal gameplay. HELLO THERE Tomb Raider fans! As many of you know, I have enjoyed playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider ever since my first [...]

Colouring History


  Over the weekend I bought the Tomb Raider colouring book. Just for fun. I intend to colour all of the fantastic images in this fine art book. While flipping through [...]

Okh Eshivar’s Inspired Lara


Hi there Tomb Raider fans! Lately I decided to make my profile picture on Twitter customized. This means, at least for me, that I will have a Lara that will distinguish [...]

PictoFacto Reports


The Calendar Stone Hello all. I have decided to add a new area called “PictoFacto Reports” It essencially, collects previous articles through pictorial [...]

Aztec History & Stone Sculpture


Exploring the influences through an art object in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the diverse history of the collection of tribes called the “Aztec” Okh Eshivar [...]

The Calendar Stone


 This article is a quick update about the calendar stone in “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” where Lara finds the dagger. You remember this one, if not, let me refresh [...]