The Crimson Fire/Game-Play

Hi there Tomb Raider fans! It is fitting to thank everyone for all the traffic to the site lately. There has always been a fair amount, but over the last month, there have been thousands of extra visitors! Thanks all for visiting! WARNING: On the off chance, there are still those who have not played the game or finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider; please … Continue reading The Crimson Fire/Game-Play

In The Shadow of an Angel

If you enjoy playing as the contemporary Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I have a new experience that I am sure many have tried by now. I liked The Angel of Darkness, so I used the skin for that game and played “The Sixth Seal” challenge tomb as AoD Lara! There is a video below as well. Enjoy the mini gallery and … Continue reading In The Shadow of an Angel

The Chimu: Chan Chan

I wrote this article on 5/28/2020 in honor of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. However, beacuse it is the 25th anniversary this year, and the subject is Tomb Raider 1996 for February, I decided to feature this article in honor of the 25th anniversary! I also added the anniversary badge to it due to the fact this article also denotes an item found in the … Continue reading The Chimu: Chan Chan

ROTTR -Siberia and Mount Belukha ect pt.1

Original post from: January 19, 2017  re-posted March 31, 2020 When Rise of the Tomb Raider opened, and we saw Lara and Jonah contemplating climbing the pyramid shaped peak ahead of them, it was exciting, yes. However, I was thinking that mountain looked like something I know I have seen before. At least something similar. I am not too sure if the mountain and chain … Continue reading ROTTR -Siberia and Mount Belukha ect pt.1

My 20 Anniversary Badges!

A re-posting of some artwork I did for the 20th! Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider I have created these page badges. Each one is from one of the Tomb Raider games from 1-10 I intend to add more with different themes. You can bookmark this page for further updates in this section. You can also check out my other 20th-anniversary  … Continue reading My 20 Anniversary Badges!

Exploring the Great Sphinx

January 31, 2020 11:47 am We all remember the Sphinx and several other levels involving the Sphinx in Tomb Raider 4. TR4  is on my list of favourites simply because of my background in Egyptology and how much Egypt is in this game. It was a wonderful romp for our Lara through Egypt’s ancient history and the many archaeological inspirations featured throughout the game. Through … Continue reading Exploring the Great Sphinx

My Experience with the Definitive Edition

As it says above you do get every weapon and I noticed a few extras on my inventory page. There are many upgrades as before and you will also have more freedom with outfits. You will have to adjust that in your options menu after you beat the boss. I have been having a blast with this part and more photo mode settings as well. … Continue reading My Experience with the Definitive Edition

Tezcatlipoca: a tricky and complicated Aztec god!

Tezcatlipoca The next time you get dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween, you might like to consider what the Mesoamerican world would have thought about your attire. Tezcatlipoca was an Aztec god as well as the eternal opposite of his brother  Quetzalcoatl, He is known for divination (telling the future), and that is also reflected in his name which means “Lord of the Smoking … Continue reading Tezcatlipoca: a tricky and complicated Aztec god!

The Macuahuitl From SOTTR

Welcome Tomb Raider fans! In Shadow of the Tomb Raider we see a lot of Trinity guards loyal to the cult of Kukulcan. If you notice the guard in this screenshot from Shadow of the Tomb Raider he is holding an Aztec sword called a Macuahuitl. These are an excellent example of the actual archaeological elements used in this game. Throughout the gameplay we see … Continue reading The Macuahuitl From SOTTR

Colouring History

However … what was this particular Maquizcoatl used for? This beautiful mosaic Maquizcoatl may have been a representation of a “sky-band” or celestial realm. This piece is thought to have been an authority symbol and part of ceremonial events. The base is made of cedar wood the skilful artist affixed the tiny turquoise polished mosaic pieces with pine resin. The attention to detail was astounding, … Continue reading Colouring History