Okh Eshivar’s Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary Celebration!

This is a work in progress! New content added here throughout the year!

It’s 2021, a landmark year for the Tomb Raider franchise. Our favourite raider Lara Croft has been in the spotlight for 25 years, and Okh Eshivar is here with a particular project to elaborate each game through graphics.

Every single graphic of my creation is from a critical area of each game. I plan to connect an article to key elements from my graphics. If that is not possible, there shall be an article denoting the game in question.

Each month is celebrating a different Tomb Raider game, though I may add more, including the Lara Croft games, if I have enough time for those. Yes, you guessed right, this is indeed Okh Eshivar’s Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary celebration page! I plan to add as much content here as possible. So for now, there are the months of February and March celebrating the first game Tomb Raider: featuring Lara Croft from 1996!  And Tomb Raider II! The following graphics were created by me. The renders are by an artist known as Legendg85. I just found out this artist made the renders that I used in my graphics. I posed them, modified these renders’ attributes in a Lara Croft posing program and then painted them in photoshop. There are many layers per graphic, usually 30 or more.

Enjoy the following content. Happy 25th anniversary, Tomb Raider! Fun times ahead!

My 25th Anniversary Graphics!





TR1: Lost Valley

Lara in the Lost Valley is an iconic area of the first game. I have always adored the T-Rex battle sequence so I imaged this graphic for the TR25th!

Action version

I enjoy video creation and short clips, beats etc so I decided to make an action version of my graphics for each game!


TR2: The Great Wall

Lara in China on the Great Wall! Another favorite area along with many others!

Action Versions

I enjoy video creation and short clips, beats etc so I decided to make an action version of my graphics for each game!


Coming Soon

Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary Celebration

What’s this about?

This is the area that shall spotlight and display fan artists work about TR25. If you would like me to display your work feel free to contact me on my Twitter account. @EshivarOkh Additionally, I will search for artists to feature and display on my celebrational wall here.

The first art feature is coming in April!

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Lara’s Studio: Nik

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