Blocked Blacklisted Page

Here at my happy site, it appears that you are blocked and may also be blacklisted. You may not view this site all for trying to cause trouble! Lara and I don’t like troublemakers here so, Bye Bye! 

Extra Note:

To the person from Ireland( not all just one. He knows who he is) I know who you are, and seriously, please get a hobby and grow up. Stop coming in here and snooping for you and your demented friend’s interest. It really is sad that you and the other person must have nothing to do with your time but harass, tell lies and check out sites that blocked you as I have. You both need help. Also, I do not care if you find another way to get around the block. Have fun. I blocked you again, that is correct, however, if you get in again what does that say about both of you? Nothing good that is for sure. I hope you read this and get a life and stop the hatred you both spread in your toxic behavior.  People that count know who is doing it. The more it happens the worse you both look. You are both so sad. I hope you both have love in your lives and get the help you need.
Good day. 
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