20th anniversary

My Blood Ties Review and Impression

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  SPOILERS AHEAD! For those that have not played this DLC, do not read this review until you are done. This is filled with spoilers. It is in your better interest that I [...]

My Qiuck Impression PS4 ROTTR


There are spoilers ahead so read at your own risk…   Greetings Tomb Raider fans! Today is the day, and I am happy that the game is in full swing around the globe on [...]

The True Cleopatra’s Palace


TR20Tidbit: Cleopatra’s Palace  20 years of raiding! Small Update: If you go to this enlightening article by the famed Smithsonian, you will understand that the discovery [...]

Lovely Lara! Update!


Yes, I love these new screenshots from Crystal Dynamics! LOVE! Enjoy some of the ones I loaded here. Also, the new achievements & trophies list can be found HERE   [...]

[NEW] My TR20 Series Buttons!

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Hello, fellow Tomb Raider fans! I am excited to announce my own customised Tomb Raider 20th anniversary buttons. I have created a Tomb Raider 20 button for each game. I am [...]

Five Classic Lara Skins To Play!


      With the recent release of Woman vs Wild I am sure the Tomb Raider world is buzzing. I am happy to know there shall be five new Classic Lara Croft skins [...]

20th Anniversary Edition News!


  Today Crystal Dynamics released more information about the Blood Ties trailer and the Gamescom demo through a live stream with Meagan Marie, Robin Huey, and designer [...]

My TR 20 Tidbit!


My Twenty Years of Raiding This button was designed by me Emma Q copyright 2016 Inspired by the Crystal Tidbit, I decided to make a tidbit of my own dedicated to the 20th [...]

Quick Crystal Dynamics Update!


Hello, everyone! I am currently working on my 20th-anniversary project after a fun weekend. This is an update from Crystal Dynamics that is for your information.  These are [...]

PS4 Release Date and More!


Hey, hey! There is some grand news in the world of Tomb Raider. Let’s start with the newest game in the Tomb Raider series, “Rise of the Tomb Raider” with the current [...]

Weekly Wrap Up: Issue #3


Here we are again in time for another Weekly Wrap-Up! Well, what has happened throughout the world of Tomb Raider the WEEK OF 04/22/2016  #TOMBRAIDER20 HUB PAGE Come visit [...]

Tomb Raider’s 20th Anniversary News!


Hi Tomb Raider fans! I have been anticipating the 20th year of this incredible game for a while now. I am excited to say that Crystal Dynamics have released a lovely amount [...]