SOTTR Maya King Yaxun B’alam IV

As we watched the newest full game trailer unfold for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, we are treated to many lavish shots of various jungle settings. We see a nacom a Maya official who performs the cutting out of the heart. He is clad in traditional garb and painted accordingly to perform a ritualistic heart removal sacrifice, where the boy is held over a convex stone by attendants to push … Continue reading SOTTR Maya King Yaxun B’alam IV

Path of the Stars Latest! Update!

Earlier today, I solved the latest Path of the Stars puzzle and was delighted to see a star chart of Orion. Okay here is the screenshot of my game on my computer screen: UPDATE! Wednesday, 18, 2018 11:00am You might wish to give this a listen! It is the latest crowd unlock audio clip from “The Path of the Stars” game. I teased this earlier … Continue reading Path of the Stars Latest! Update!

The Maya Their Culture Inspired from My Travels and Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

UPDATE:   Updated at: 4/13/2018 12:15pm Because of the latest update from the Tomb Raider site with the audio clip about what Trinity is pursuing, I decided to update this article. I think from what I heard on the clip, that Trinity is after something connected to the Maya creation god or more. tsamnaaj / Itzamna The Supreme Creator aka (God D) of the Maya belief system.    … Continue reading The Maya Their Culture Inspired from My Travels and Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

My speculative look at Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Published on: 3/22/2018 @16:12 If you watch the trailer, in the beginning, you do see a partial eclipse. That said, the symbol chosen to display the title is also an eclipse. Okay, these are obvious sights. However, I noticed a theme developing. Keep in mind the following information is based on only my perspective and my guesses. It is not official news. I could be … Continue reading My speculative look at Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The Maya & Eclipses!

By now we all know about the forthcoming game, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” So, we also know that it appears to be centered in Mesoamerica. The symbol of the eclipse connected to the new game had me excited. I have no idea at the moment how an eclipse ties into Lara Croft for this new game, or even if it does at all. But … Continue reading The Maya & Eclipses!

The Real-Life Temple of Osiris!

     With my recent purchase of “The Temple of Osiris: Gold Edition,  and my background in Egyptology, along with how attracted I am to the game itself, and still am though it debuted in 2014, I felt it fitting to address the existence of the real-life Temple of Osiris. Additionally, who Osiris was, and what role he played in ancient Egypt. Also, Egypt has … Continue reading The Real-Life Temple of Osiris!

TR4:: Exploring The Real Chambers of Tulun

 Remember Tomb Raider 4 and Egypt? One of my favorite levels was the Chambers of Tulun. Any Tomb Raider fan that has played that game would remember that level. How many of you believe Tulun was a city? I see some hands raised! It may interest you to know that Tulun was a real person, and the reason Cairo is prominent in this level is … Continue reading TR4:: Exploring The Real Chambers of Tulun

Hatshepsut Ruled Egypt

  As a fan of a franchise that touts a strong woman (Lara Croft), I started thinking about Egypt’s list of strong women rulers. One such woman with a fantastic temple among other outstanding legacies is Hatshepsut. However, other than Cleopatra VII did you know there were other women that once governed Egypt? Though it would take an article of novel proportion to address each one, this article … Continue reading Hatshepsut Ruled Egypt

Official Mobile App Okh Eshivar!

Introducing Okh Eshivar’s first official mobile app! You can download this android app I created on the Google Play Store. You will need a Google Play account to obtain this app! It took a while to design what I wanted and then get it all loaded into Google play developer account so it can be loaded into the Play Store. I enjoy doing crafty things … Continue reading Official Mobile App Okh Eshivar!

Kickstarter Update! Goodies!

  Hey there Tomb Raiders! I have some Kickstarter news for you all. There are some great perks coming your way when you pledge to this incredible project! How many of you have had the 1996 Tomb Raider theme along with the compelling tracks from Tomb Raider II and III playing through your memories all these years? Or maybe you are taken by nostalgia whenever … Continue reading Kickstarter Update! Goodies!

My Times in Russia: ROTTR Amber Necklace

  The fact that this necklace is made of Baltic amber and from Russia fascinates me no end. It takes me back to the time I was in Russia and visited the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg among many other beautiful places there. I shall expound upon those in later articles. The whole family, 9 of us, took another Disney cruise, only … Continue reading My Times in Russia: ROTTR Amber Necklace

The Gunbai War Fan: From TR Reboot

  Hello, Tomb Raider fans! It has been a while since I played the reboot of Tomb Raider. However, one of the items in one of my favorite areas caught my eye and I have decided to write about it. This Japanese Gunbai 軍配,  Gunpai (Gumpai) or dansen uchiwa war fan “military-apportioned fan” is something that really existed among the high ranking Samurai officers. They used these specific fans to silently … Continue reading The Gunbai War Fan: From TR Reboot

Tomb Raider & the Terracotta Army

In honor of the revisit of the Terracotta Warriors where I live, I could not pass up writing this. I also enjoy the fact they were part of the tomb Raider Movie The Cradle of Life. Also, Tomb Raider II and the Dagger of Xi’an, well Xi’an, in the Shaanxi Province, is a city connected to the Terracotta Army. In the level of the game … Continue reading Tomb Raider & the Terracotta Army

[New] Machu Picchu, Peru

  Having traveled globally for years and visited ancient sites myself, the subject of Peru was bound to come up. Peru is a place our Lara has traveled to in the past. Though there is one outstanding place that she has not ventured and that is Machu Picchu. However, Vilcabamba  (Espíritu Pampa) is only a few hundred miles away from Machu Picchu, and we all know … Continue reading [New] Machu Picchu, Peru

The True Cleopatra’s Palace

TR20Tidbit: Cleopatra’s Palace  20 years of raiding! Small Update: If you go to this enlightening article by the famed Smithsonian, you will understand that the discovery of the palace in my article was the discovery of Goddio not exploitation of another archaeologists’ work. It is this discovery that Goddio is credited for in the Smithsonian article as well as mine.  Read this part “Underwater Palaces” of … Continue reading The True Cleopatra’s Palace

The Real Semerkhet! TR4 in celebration of the 20th anniversary

20 years of raiding!     Hello, Tomb Raider fans! I am back from a most mountainous adventure that I may share at a later date! Let me just say, it was a double ice axe ice climbing crampon type of adventure that took me 10,188’ up the side of a mountain! Mt Rainier to be exact! LOVE! However, now I must concentrate on the … Continue reading The Real Semerkhet! TR4 in celebration of the 20th anniversary

Lara’s Journal Vault: Jan Mayen

In the spirit of my new section (coming soon, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider) titled: Tomb Raider 20 Tidbit; I decided to resuscitate this piece I wrote in a different style. This is from the earlier days of my fansite where Lara does some reflecting about the actual place here found in the game Tomb Raider Underworld. I hope you enjoy this … Continue reading Lara’s Journal Vault: Jan Mayen

Byzantine Art History 20th Anniversary Celebration!

20 years of raiding! The game series Tomb Raider is getting ready to enter into its 20th anniversary. Of course, I wanted to write a piece in celebration of that anniversary by defining the artwork found in the latest game. The new game Rise of the Tomb Raider shows off some outstanding artwork. Specifically, Byzantine-inspired designs. These distinctive art forms are seen throughout in the … Continue reading Byzantine Art History 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Rise’s Baba Yaga DLC Update (spoilers/historical)

Crystal Dynamics! Baba Yaga Trailer UPDATE: Some Spoilers READ MORE ABOUT THE DLC DETAILS: You can learn all about the details of the latest DLC at the Xbox site. Rather than copying and pasting the entire page of info, I am offering a link. Most of it I have already added, but this goes into more depth about the add-on and various features. THE DETAILS  Glad … Continue reading Rise’s Baba Yaga DLC Update (spoilers/historical)

Kitezh: A Legend With Tangible Roots!(Spoilers) 20th Celebration

20 years of raiding! Please note that his article belongs to a series in celebration of the forthcoming 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider. By now we know that Lara goes to Siberia in pursuit of the lost city of Kitezh (Russian: Ки́теж)  However, did you know that the actual Lake Svetloyar where the city is supposedly located is not in Siberia but western Russia? It is … Continue reading Kitezh: A Legend With Tangible Roots!(Spoilers) 20th Celebration