Tezcatlipoca: a tricky and complicated Aztec god!

Tezcatlipoca The next time you get dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween, you might like to consider what the Mesoamerican world would have thought about your attire. Tezcatlipoca was an Aztec god as well as the eternal opposite of his brother  Quetzalcoatl, He is known for divination (telling the future), and that is also reflected in his name which means “Lord of the Smoking … Continue reading Tezcatlipoca: a tricky and complicated Aztec god!

The Macuahuitl From SOTTR

Welcome Tomb Raider fans! In Shadow of the Tomb Raider we see a lot of Trinity guards loyal to the cult of Kukulcan. If you notice the guard in this screenshot from Shadow of the Tomb Raider he is holding an Aztec sword called a Macuahuitl. These are an excellent example of the actual archaeological elements used in this game. Throughout the gameplay we see … Continue reading The Macuahuitl From SOTTR

Aztec History & Stone Sculpture

Exploring the influences through an art object in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the diverse history of the collection of tribes called the “Aztec” In a name … So, now we know the name (Aztec) or Azteca is the name of the people that hailed from Aztlan, and Mexica is the name for the same people who merged with other tribes in 1325 to … Continue reading Aztec History & Stone Sculpture