Okh Eshivar’s Yearly Wrap Up!

Hello Tomb Raider fans! This is my last site update for 2018! I will be back with a ton more updates in the New Year 2019! Time certainly flies when you are having fun. Literally having a blast. Oh, and if I have left anything out, I do apologize. The Tomb Raider franchise has a great deal to celebrate over this jam-packed year, and I … Continue reading Okh Eshivar’s Yearly Wrap Up!

My Hands On SOTTR Game Impressions!

  Hello, Tomb Raider fans!!! As you know I have returned from E3 and had a WONDERFUL TIME! As an ambassador, we were allowed to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider. There was a demo and then we were taken to a special room to play another section of the game. We are not supposed to display any photos of the gameplay nor screen caps … Continue reading My Hands On SOTTR Game Impressions!

My Fansite Video Introduction!

As it says my fansite now can wear the proud honour of having its own video! Thank you to all involved, who view this video and who are just the wonderful people you all are that inspired everything! There shall be more videos on the horizon! Enjoy! ~Emma Continue reading My Fansite Video Introduction!

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My Interview with Earl Baylon!

  Ladies and gentlemen I have recently had the pleasure of interviewing the talented and kind actor  (Earl Baylon) who brought Jonah to life in the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider and again in Rise of the Tomb Raider.  Earl has brought Jonah into our hearts and shown him to be a strong, loyal friend to Lara, who would follow her anywhere. I would say he … Continue reading My Interview with Earl Baylon!