Senusret I and Karnak

Posted Date: 10/27/2020 It was during the Old Kingdom and a breakdown of all central authority that Egypt fell into the chaos of a civil war known as the First Intermediate Period (2181-2040 BC). Egypt’s power rose from the ashes of that turmoil and that was the beginning the Middle Kingdom 2055 – 1650 BC. It is reported that Egypt reached the pinnacle of culture … Continue reading Senusret I and Karnak

Exploring the Great Sphinx

January 31, 2020 11:47 am We all remember the Sphinx and several other levels involving the Sphinx in Tomb Raider 4. TR4  is on my list of favourites simply because of my background in Egyptology and how much Egypt is in this game. It was a wonderful romp for our Lara through Egypt’s ancient history and the many archaeological inspirations featured throughout the game. Through … Continue reading Exploring the Great Sphinx

Karnak & Tomb Raider 4!

   If you know me you know that I enjoyed TR4 a lot due to the Egyptian theme. I decided to place this article here for the month of November I wrote this a while ago on another site. In TR4 Lara visits Egypt. In this article, the legendary temple complex known as Karnak shall be revisited.  This segment of Karnak shall examine the specific … Continue reading Karnak & Tomb Raider 4!

The Real-Life Temple of Osiris!

     With my recent purchase of “The Temple of Osiris: Gold Edition,  and my background in Egyptology, along with how attracted I am to the game itself, and still am though it debuted in 2014, I felt it fitting to address the existence of the real-life Temple of Osiris. Additionally, who Osiris was, and what role he played in ancient Egypt. Also, Egypt has … Continue reading The Real-Life Temple of Osiris!

TR4:: Exploring The Real Chambers of Tulun

 Remember Tomb Raider 4 and Egypt? One of my favorite levels was the Chambers of Tulun. Any Tomb Raider fan that has played that game would remember that level. How many of you believe Tulun was a city? I see some hands raised! It may interest you to know that Tulun was a real person, and the reason Cairo is prominent in this level is … Continue reading TR4:: Exploring The Real Chambers of Tulun

Hatshepsut Ruled Egypt

  As a fan of a franchise that touts a strong woman (Lara Croft), I started thinking about Egypt’s list of strong women rulers. One such woman with a fantastic temple among other outstanding legacies is Hatshepsut. However, other than Cleopatra VII did you know there were other women that once governed Egypt? Though it would take an article of novel proportion to address each one, this article … Continue reading Hatshepsut Ruled Egypt

The Real Semerkhet! TR4 in celebration of the 20th anniversary

20 years of raiding!     Hello, Tomb Raider fans! I am back from a most mountainous adventure that I may share at a later date! Let me just say, it was a double ice axe ice climbing crampon type of adventure that took me 10,188’ up the side of a mountain! Mt Rainier to be exact! LOVE! However, now I must concentrate on the … Continue reading The Real Semerkhet! TR4 in celebration of the 20th anniversary

Add on Update, Ancient History etc …

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a great game as adventurous as it is vast. To add to the enormity of this fabulous game, there is yet another DLC ready to launch this year (2016) called Cold Darkness Awakened. This DLC will play up the horror element of Tomb Raider. According to reports, this new expansion will deal with a decommissioned weapons research base from … Continue reading Add on Update, Ancient History etc …