Animation Project!

  I enjoy making animations, especially if it fits with my official Tomb Raider website. Here are two versions of an animation I made based off of my profile picture. It is a custom made render profile picture created by yours truly, me. Me as in Emma my pseudonym or you can call me Okh Eshivar, for that, is my website.  Anyway, the following animations … Continue reading Animation Project!

Our Little Angel My young Lara

  This is a creation of mine that gave me a lot of joy. It is a work in progress (WIP), and I have a lot of plans for this one and others.  She has a mischievous look about her and an element of surprise. I purposely did this to illustrate her personality and how she loved locking a certain butler in the freezer.  My range of … Continue reading Our Little Angel My young Lara