10 Years at Deviant Art!

That is correct. This March shall make 10 years on that art site under the name of Golden Quill. Thank you to all that have visited me over there. In celebration of my art account turning 10, I created another Lara render. I made this in a smooth version and a textured version.  Though I am away, I wanted to update my site with some artwork … Continue reading 10 Years at Deviant Art!

[NEW] My TR20 Series Buttons!

Hello, fellow Tomb Raider fans! I am excited to announce my own customised Tomb Raider 20th anniversary buttons. I have created a Tomb Raider 20 button for each game. I am interested in adding more, however, I could not allow the anniversary to pass without my personal artistic contribution to this special event! Hence my special section known as TR 20 Tidbit: twenty years of raiding!  … Continue reading [NEW] My TR20 Series Buttons!

Official Tomb Raider Fansite Private Streaming Event – 8/30/2016

As many Tomb Raider fans know by now there was a special private streaming event between official web admin and Meagan Marie, Robin Huey and senior designer Will Kerslake. I took notes as everyone undoubtedly did, however, this is the actual transcript from that stream that Crystal Dynamics has given approval for us to share it with you all. A lot of admin showed up for … Continue reading Official Tomb Raider Fansite Private Streaming Event – 8/30/2016