TR20 Tidbit

My 20 Anniversary Badges!

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A re-posting of some artwork I did for the 20th! Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider I have created these page badges. Each one is from one of the Tomb [...]

The True Cleopatra’s Palace


TR20Tidbit: Cleopatra’s Palace  20 years of raiding! Small Update: If you go to this enlightening article by the famed Smithsonian, you will understand that the discovery [...]

[NEW] My TR20 Series Buttons!

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Hello, fellow Tomb Raider fans! I am excited to announce my own customised Tomb Raider 20th anniversary buttons. I have created a Tomb Raider 20 button for each game. I am [...]

My TR 20 Tidbit!


My Twenty Years of Raiding This button was designed by me Emma Q copyright 2016 Inspired by the Crystal Tidbit, I decided to make a tidbit of my own dedicated to the 20th [...]