Weekly Wrap-Up #7

Hey ho, another weekly wrap-up is here! This one is for the week  05/27/2016 Wow, let’s get straight into things with an update. There are only 50 more magazine covers left to collect for the record. Read on … Only 50 more covers to go to reach our goal! We’ve now assembled approximately 1,050 magazines in our collection and are looking to reach over 1,100 to set … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up #7

Weekly Wrap-Up #6! 05/20/2016

Week of: 05/20/2016 Hey, hey! Here we are at Weekly Wrap-up #6 already! Let’s see what we can do about getting Tomb Raider Uncovered for this week. In the name of the 20th anniversary of this glorious icon and game, Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics has made available Fankits! So let’s get on with the show! #TombRaider20 Celebration Tribute – The Original  Ready to join the #TombRaider20 celebration? Throughout … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up #6! 05/20/2016

[New]Weekly Wrap-Up! Issue#4

Once again we find ourselves at another Weekly Wrap-Up! I am excited to say this is the 4th issue! Well, what can I say about the previous week? Plenty that’s what! As any Tomb Raider fan knows the big buzz throughout Tomb Raider recently was Pax East! There were many things learned and many fine panelists bestowing their information and exciting contributions to the Tomb Raider … Continue reading [New]Weekly Wrap-Up! Issue#4

Weekly Wrap Up: Issue #3

Here we are again in time for another Weekly Wrap-Up! Well, what has happened throughout the world of Tomb Raider the WEEK OF 04/22/2016  #TOMBRAIDER20 HUB PAGE Come visit the Tomb Raider hub page of the official blog. It is in celebration of the 20 years of excellence Lara has had as a gaming icon and phenomenon. You are encouraged to bookmark this page for the … Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up: Issue #3

Weekly Wrap Up: Issue #2

  Okay, here comes another “Weekly Wrap Up” an official wrap up from events, etc. concerning Tomb Raider and its content that is authorized through Crystal Dynamics.  I hope you enjoy! Issue #2     Last week, CD announced the panelists for the #TombRaider20 kickoff panel – “Lara Croft: The Undisputed Queen of Gaming” at PAX East! Moderated by Greg Miller, representatives from press, Core Design, and Crystal Dynamics will … Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up: Issue #2

Weekly Wrap Up #1!

The Weekly Wrap Up! #1   Hi, Tomb Raider fans! I decided to make weekly updates to my fansite that will be directly from Crystal Dynamics. They’ve implemented a weekly newsletter again, which allows me to add the highlights to my website for all the fans enjoyment and information. I want my news about Tomb Raider to come from official sources and what could be better … Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up #1!