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Hello fellow Tomb Raider fans,

I’m Emma’s Quill. I have always enjoyed the Tomb Raider games. It was my express interest to develop a web site one day about the remarkable games. I have found the character Lara Croft an inspiration. In fact, Lara and her inspiring adventures are what caused this site to take shape.
I didn’t want to make another generic Tomb Raider site. Not that there is anything wrong with that. There are some brilliant web-sites out there.  I brainstormed many days and nights about what I would write about; how I would present my Tomb Raider site etc.

I wanted something that was unique. Different. Then one day I was writing a little fan fiction with a friend and it hit me. I could start a site with Lara as the narrator through the most part. I would introduce the first page with dialogue between she and a made up character (Nelson long time friend of Von Croy) from a fan fiction story I am writing. This would be a natural lead into the different parts of my web-site.
Maybe this will answer any questions people may have about the semi story on the intro page. Anyway, that is how this web-site began.
Lara and I thank you all for visiting. Enjoy your stay! Cheers!




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