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Another Star Dies

Summary: Not only people mourn, love … grieve. Author’s Note:

I originally posted this piece on another site as a challenge. Someone I know from a site I work all of my original writing called: youwriteon . com tuned me into this. 

Another Star Dies

Among the sleeping flowers and darkened hollows of the night, frolic some of the most beautiful creatures of legend’s core. Light lives in their very being, radiating through flowing mane and glistening eyes. Their pure-white magic, shimmers through the midnight sky, which feeds the stars their shine. A star shines no more when one of their kind dies. What tragedy has befallen the world when a gentle soul of light wanes. Hagrid knows such creatures, for his mind is free. On one starry eve with the crisp air playing its gentle breath upon the paddock, a bitter memory came to haunt his mind.



‘Where did you see them, Hagrid?’ asked Harry with deep interest, listening to his dear friend share a story, while he, Hermione and Ron sat at Hagrid’s kitchen table. Ron fidgeted with a cup of tea he didn’t much care for. Each time he raised the large ceramic cup to his lips, he grimaced and slowly lowered it to the table. Ron’s always hated Burdock Root tea. His glittering blue eyes searched the room sheepishly and found Hermione staring at him with her: Ron you are such an idiot! expression. He frowned and lowered his eyes to the wooden table. Harry on the other hand, listened to Hagrid and never saw any of Ron’s sideshow. Hagrid looked at Ron out of the corner of his eyes and gave a small smile, then answered Harry’s question.

‘Saw them over by the thicket, ‘tween them two willows. The ones you, three said looked like monsters,’ Hagrid chuckled.

‘Well, they do. Their branches are all clumped together in places. They look like giant arms bending down to grab people. They’re creepy,’ said Harry, his emerald eyes grew wide with the mere thought of the two oddly shaped willow trees. Hagrid’s line of vision swept to Harry, Hermione, and Ron simultaneously. He may not have agreed with their fixation on the trees resembling monsters, but he could see the trio was quite earnest about their feelings. However, if they were monsters, Hagrid would have loved them; he adored all creatures no matter how strange.

‘Well, Harry, they’ve never been anythin’ but trees,’ said the friendly giant, his smile dominated his face through a tangled black beard and warm soot-black eyes. That was the one item that distinguished this man, the love he always wore behind his eyes. It was there as surely as a heartbeat keeps life vital. Harry nodded and changed the subject.

‘Hagrid, how long ago did you see the two unicorns by those weird looking willows?’

‘’Bout a week ago. ‘Tis funny. Ya hardly ever see them in pairs. Always proud lone creatures. Must ‘ave been a couple,’ said Hagrid looking down at the kitchen table in thought. A thought that drew his large hand into a fist. ‘That’s the sad part,’ Hagrid’s eyes appeared wet. Hermione looked at Harry and Ron as if reminding them of something. The something that drew this same torrent of emotion from their dear friend. The time Buckbeak went to the block.

‘Why,’ asked Harry, concerned about Hagrid’s welling tears. He gritted his teeth anticipating a tragic answer.

‘Found one of them dead a couple days ago. Buried him by them willows.’ Harry felt saddened and looked at Hermione and Ron. Hermione’s warm, brown eyes glistened with tears, and Ron looked to the door, the walls even the ceiling not to be seen sporting wet eyes. Everyone knows that’s for sissies, yet something warm slid down his hot cheek, and he surrendered, lowered his head to the table and hid from Hermione’s weeping orbs. Of all the magical creatures the three have seen through studies at Hogwarts, Unicorns had to be their favourite. Harry for one, will never forget the beautiful unicorn, Voldemort killed to drink its blood. A memory as new as yesterday, though it happened in Harry’s first year. Until then, he’d always thought of them exclusive to fairy tales. His heart dropped with the news of another one dead. All their hearts fell hard like they lost their best friends, and that was not a good thing, indeed.

‘Have you seen his mate, Hagrid?’ Hermione mustered the fortitude to ask Hagrid, who clearly had a broken heart.

‘Yes, that’s the saddest part.’ He sniffled and wiped his eyes. ‘She lingers each night by them two trees. Like she’s mourning, and her pure white glow is gone. Her head hangs low, almost as if she’s cryin’.’ That was it, Hermione, couldn’t take it anymore.

‘Hagrid, is there anything that can be done? The poor lonely creature.’ Ron’s gaze flooded her face as he assimilated her emotions and felt the agony in her voice. Her words were genuine and weighted as if she was crying for the loss of a friend. Through his tears he smiled and saw her warmth perhaps for the first time in their fourth year attending Hogwarts. There was a few minutes of silence. Suddenly, their eyes flew to the cabin window as if they felt a presence so strong it demanded to be seen. Hermione gasped and sprung from her seat as if pulled up from the roof, and Ron followed with the same gusto. Harry beat them there while Hagrid loomed from behind everyone, to gaze through the window.

‘There she is, Hagrid. That’s her, isn’t it?’ whispered Hermione, as she watched this tragic scene.

‘Yes, it is.’ They only watched as she walked up to where her beloved lay buried and hung her head. Soon after she arrived, she fell and moved no more. Thick tears rolled down their faces.

‘No, she didn’t. She didn’t die, oh, no, please,’ sobbed Hermione into her hands. Up in the velvet black sky a star shined no more; the beautiful creature closed her eyes a final time. Evening’s breeze cried and swept through the branches, of the lonely trees and shadowed land.


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  1. I will have you know this story made me cry! Quite talented!

    • Thank you. I have been professional writer for years, so that means a lot to me. Especially coming from you. I have been enjoying your writing, too. Keep it up!

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