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TR: Legends Through Time

Chapter 1:

It had been months since the new construction began. The 750-year-old manor had suffered a devastating blow, when the doppelganger exploded the bomb and blew the Croft estate off its foundation. Yet, only one person would think it was a kind of serendipity event, even though it sent chills through the bones of Lady Lara Croft at the time.

However, as devastating as that may have been, her life was in an uproar, after the events which unfolded across the world for Lara through the hands of the wicked woman known as Natla. The wild goose chase she sent her and her father on in pursuit of various artifacts in order to uncover Lara’s lost mother, who disappeared years before through a strange porthole high in the Himalayas after a plane crash that stranded an eight-year-old Lara and her mother, along with their dead pilot.

The whirlwind of hope tinged with anger she felt with every step of uncovering more of the puzzle laid before her by Natla kept unraveling more of the evil woman’s real agenda. It was not until the final showdown in the so-called Underworld of Valhalla that Lara learned the truth. A truth that sent her heart reeling. A truth that was more devastating for her to accept than losing the manor. The fact that Natal used her and her father all those years for her own selfish needs and lied about the mother being in a Celtic underworld Avalon. Natal said it was the only way to make them continue their fake search in order to gain access to the underworld she needed for the mid guardian serpent to be released, and plunge the world into calamity. A calamity known as ‘the seventh age’

Although, many things along Lara’s journey did not make sense, and she noted areas to retract later. Her father’s notes were also extensive, and things changed after he learned of Natla’s’ deceit, but he never let her know, for he feared her power, and hid his notes that Lara later will find. The hints he left her, clues along the line where well known to her throughout her journey after she started noticing certain inconsistencies in various areas of her trek to find her mother. Her father noticed the same, and at the point of the map being destroyed in Asia on her way back to the boat, is where Lara gained a clue she never divulged to anyone, nor spoke of it, nor recorded it for Natala or the Doppelganger to find. Lara was far too clever for that knowing that Amanda was involved and the Doppelganger, which went everywhere Lara did and followed the orders of her master, Natla to a T.

Now restored, her favorite place, the library, is where she spends her time these days. The lamp is always lit upon the large mahogany desk that sits under an arched window. Each lavish panel of this 20-foot window was of stained glass. These different mini windows displayed areas of the world Lara enjoyed through her travels. The Pyramids ruled one corner, and the palace of Cleopatra lived on the bottom right. One could see the Pantheon from the Roman Empire on another as well as many more ancient places when gazing through this magnificent window, This is where Lara felt at home.

She sat pouring over an ancient text from one of her books. Since the past events, Lara spends all of her time in this room, reading. Frantically reading everything on antiquities, specifically the legend of King Arthur and Avalon. All legends, places, and current research.

Something was wrong. Something was very wrong, and Lara couldn’t put her finger on it. Months flew by and still nothing. There were missing pieces to the vast puzzle on her mind under construction, and her father’s clues would fill in parts, but the rest needed much speculation.

Her tall figure sat slouched over the text, and her long braided brown hair spilled down her back. Lara’s warm brown eyes narrowed as she read over lines many times. Her vision flashed over each line searching for something, anything that would afford a lead. Every now and again, her focus was grabbed by a spatter of heavy rain against the enormous window. Her coffee toned eyes were distant, true she sat in her manor library, she thumbed over pages of text and still something about Lara was not there.

‘Lara, are you on this planet?’ came a deep voice connected to a tall, slim man clad in a dark suite, black cape and leather gloves. His long blond hair cascaded over his shoulder from under his bowler hat. The gentleman glued his baby blue eyes upon Lara’s warm eyes, yet she gave no notice.
‘Where are you today?’

At once Lara slid her line of vision toward this man.
‘Easy question, Bronte, I am where I always am.’

‘Yes, in a land of dreams instead of living your life like your father and mother would have wanted.’ Bronte’s eyes widened and his brow creased with her reaction.
‘That is correct; Bronte, but I cannot stop thinking about it. Them!’ Lara’s eyes narrowed in anger accompanied by tears.

‘Stop this at once!’ shouted Bronte, as he walked to the devastated woman on the desk chair to hug her. As he knelt down, she raised her hand to his chest in an effort to stop him from descending on her.

‘Don’t, Bronte!’ the flat of her palm held him as if he was leaning on a part of a table. One knee was firmly on the floor, and his other foot planted flat on the floor for his balance. He felt like a small boy in the way she had so much control. She pulled her hand free of him, and he plummeted to the rug.

‘Ow! Why did you do that?’

‘I don’t want your pity! I want answers. I need answers!’ she shouted, as she stood bolt upright and pounded across the stone floor to a long wall of books. Standing with her back to the perplexed man, she began to scan the endless shelves of books about legends. So many legends, and places, and cultures. Such a vast field.

‘What are you looking for, Lara? What answers do you seek?’
The tall woman closed her warm eyes tightly as if trying to rid them of an unwanted dust particle. He remained in front of her desk whilst she turned to face him by the wall of books.

‘Are you willing to listen to me? Are you going to humor me, and not try to reason what I have started to realize?’ Her penetrating gaze went through the man like a sword. He wanted to understand why this brilliant woman, wouldn’t let go of something he knew to be over. He would listen to what she had to say.

Chapter 2 is on the way …

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