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Greetings, Tomb Raider fans. This is the start of Okh Eshivar’s Tomb Raider fanfiction community! For now, I shall archive one Harry Potter fanfic that I wrote; however, this is first and foremost a Tomb Raider fanfiction community. So, I have also included one other author who writes Tomb Raider fanfiction to kick this place off. At the moment, it shares a spotlight with Harry Potter, because; I find a lot of Tomb Raider fans are also Harry Potter fans, as well. Slowly there will be other Tomb Raider fanfics here in their new home.

I am getting started and have to learn more about the fanfiction program I have implemented for my site before I open my fanfiction section up for other writers to join. However, that is on the near horizon. When it is fully functional, you will be able to register and on approval submit your fanfiction to my community.
Please Note: You must have a WordPress account before you can write for this site.

This place shall be set up to behave as a regular online fanfiction community. I am so excited to start this big adventure. Enjoy the content for now. It shall grow over time.

When this place becomes fully submission friendly, there will be a set of rules in place for “reviewing” material in the archives, and for “submitting rules” as well. Rules Of Conduct,(No nasty behavior such as trolling in your comments of other peoples work. If you leave a comment, give constructive criticism, please. That is the only way a writer may grow. We all make mistakes so, be kind in the way you point them out for the better growth of the said writer.

If these rules are not observed, you shall be warned the first time, and on the second you shall be banned.

Before you submit be sure to proofread your work. If you get rejected just fix the mistakes listed and re-submit. That is all there is to it. There is another very important rule. The ratings. They are in place for a reason, and as the author of your work, you need to rate your work according to its content. There shall be no pornographic writing accepted here. Nothing NC-17. Look to other sites for listings such as those. 

Read the rating rules by clicking the rating button.



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