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  • A dull light flickered against the high mahogany walls from the sputtering hearth in the large bedroom of Lara Croft. This night as all the others, since she returned, was a plague of torment.
    ‘No! Natla, where […]

  • I will have you know this story made me cry! Quite talented!

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    Chapter 3:
    A white marble Grecian temple rose from the fervent green rolling hills dotted with a variety of Arabian horses. The tall, black iron double gates swung open to receive the high strung golden […]

  • Chapter 2
    ‘I need some tea, and to leave this study just now. Come, Bronte.’ The two walked downstairs and sat in front of the newly reconstructed hearth.

    ‘We will sit here on this sofa. It survived the […]

  • Chapter 1:

    It had been months since the new construction began. The 750-year-old manor had suffered a devastating blow, when the doppelganger exploded the bomb and blew the Croft estate off its foundation. […]

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