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Okh Eshivar’s Photo Mode Gallery

Updated January 4, 2019

Updated December 5, 2018

Hello all!

Ever since I beat Shadow of the Tomb Raider I have fallen in love with Photo Mode. This mode is something that can drag you into the game and not let go. You will find yourself trying different lighting perspectives, colours, filters, locations, outfits you name it. The sky is your limit. My updated PS4 displays the images so well I am quite satisfied. However, you have to work with it on any device, as you would an actual camera. No matter how sophisticated a camera is, you still have to have a feel and eye for shots. However, that goes without saying. So, photography is a favourite hobby of mine and a lot of fellow hiker/climber friends of mine as well. If you are friends with me on Facebook, as quite a few of you are, then you know my mountain albums go on forever. So, in the same way, I am a shutterbug in real life, I am also that way with Photo Mode. I have taken a bazillion photos and now I shall house them on this page in a gallery that will grow over time. Thank you for joining me on this image-rich section. Enjoy your time. If you are here and do not see an album yet it is coming very soon. Return often and bookmark this place for future interest.

Note: You may notice there are also screenshots. I thought I would add some of those as well. I wanted to add this comment in case there were some wondering. 

Tomb Raider AoD Blend Gallery

Hi there. I call this a “Blend Gallery” because it incorporates Lara Croft from Angel of Darkness into Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I like playing the game with the Angel of Darkness skin. If you are wondering, that is how I achieved these shots.

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