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Rating Rules

As you may have guessed the ratings are straightforward. G – PG – PG-13 – and R

When you are ready to rate your fiction which is mandatory, you need to pick a rating that is suitable for your story. If its content falls into a stronger or lighter rating you may be warned or the fiction may be pulled from the site until it is rated properly. For example, a PG rating on an R story is unacceptable. These are obvious rules, however, it is good to keep them fresh in your mind if there is a question about how you are to rate your material.

G = Family friendly, no coarse language, no sexual situation. Clean, family fiction.

PG = Parents are cautioned if younger people are to read this. There are language issues with this rating but there is not “F” bombs or S*** bombs etc or any other language such as those words found in an “R” rating or the PG-13 rating.

PG-13 – Parents strongly cautioned. Inferred sexual situations but no lemons aka sexual scenes nor strong language as explained in the PG rating.

R – Strong language allowed sexual situations allowed but not graphic in origin such as pornography and not highly detailed.

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