Tomb Raider

The True Cleopatra’s Palace


TR20Tidbit: Cleopatra’s Palace  20 years of raiding! Small Update: If you go to this enlightening article by the famed Smithsonian, you will understand that the discovery [...]

My Life Like Lara …


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider in life and work! Hello, Tomb Raider fans! I decided to make a post about the part of my life that I could say is like [...]

Authentic Artefact: Paiza (Spoilers)

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Before We Begin .. . My Dear Readers! Here is the reason I post Spoiler Warnings. It is all with you in mind!  It is out of direct courtesy I post my spoiler tags in [...]

My Interview with Earl Baylon!


  Ladies and gentlemen I have recently had the pleasure of interviewing the talented and kind actor  (Earl Baylon) who brought Jonah to life in the 2013 reboot of Tomb [...]