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My Interview with Earl Baylon!

  Ladies and gentlemen I have recently had the pleasure of interviewing the talented and kind actor  (Earl Baylon) who brought Jonah to life in the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider and again in Rise of the Tomb Raider.  Earl has brought Jonah into our hearts and shown him to be a strong, loyal friend to Lara, who would follow her anywhere. I would say he … Continue reading My Interview with Earl Baylon!

Lara’s Studio: Nicole Bounxe

June 2023 Summer Edition Hi all and welcome to the June edition of Lara’s Studio! Today I am pleased to put in the feature/spotlight Nicole Bounxe, an incredibly talented artist of 3D renders! She also became a fellow official fan site member with the Official Fansite Program! Her work is exceptional as you will soon see in the gallery! But first, let’s get to know … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: Nicole Bounxe

Lara’s Studio: Susie Gander

May 2023 Edition Hello everyone! Welcome to Lara’s Studio! Here we are in May already with summer around the corner! So let’s welcome a talented artist as well as a fellow official Tomb Raider admin, Susie Gander!I have admired her flair in capturing Lara in her beautiful work for quite a while! I am thrilled to feature/ spotlight her in Lara’s Studio! So let’s learn … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: Susie Gander

Lara’s Studio: Carina

April 2023 edition Welcome to my Lara’s Studio April edition! Today we welcome Carina! She works in 3D renders (her personal version created with Daz. A 3D posing program that is off the chart amazing.) of Lara Croft mostly from the classic games. Her work is stunning. Her concept of Lara is wonderful and feels like you are looking at Lara from another unseen part … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: Carina

Tomb Raider 2013 10th Anniversary!

Lara’s Studio Anniversary Special with surprise guest Earl Baylon! March 5th 2023 Anniversary Edition Here we are 10 years have already passed. 10 years of playing the first game of the survivor series, Tomb Raider 2013! Tomb Raider 2013 reboot possessed a fine element of horror that kept you on your toes, played your nerves, kept your stomach tense and on the edge of your … Continue reading Tomb Raider 2013 10th Anniversary!

Lara’s Studio: Alex!

Winter Edition February 2023 Hi everybody! I’m happy to say welcome to the February edition of Lara’s Studio! In this winter edition we welcome fellow official website owner and friend the very talented Alex! One of the things that draws me into digital art, oil painting etc is the rich palette of colors and use of light that makes the subject pop and feel real! … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: Alex!

Lara’s Studio: Dave Smith!

November 2022 edition! Hello Tomb Raider fans! Now we find ourselves in November a few steps from Christmas with December right around the corner! How time flies! For the great month of November let’s welcome David Smith a wonderful virtual photographer from the Tomb Raider community. Let’s celebrate his beautiful virtual photos from that amazing franchise!I will point out one of my most favorite things … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: Dave Smith!

Lara’s Studio: Anna!

October 2022 edition! Okay here we are in autumn, one of my favorite seasons! This year is flying by. tempus fugit! Lara’s Studio would like to welcome Anna on board. Her work is outstanding and deserves the recognition. She has a remarkable eye for capturing Lara in that perfect pose complete with the emotional element that makes you want more. Her lense is unique, bright … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: Anna!

Lara’s Studio September edition!

Featuring Synnyster Croft aka Matt Zoom there went August make way for September and the latest edition of Lara’s Studio! Welcome to the talented Synnyster Croft aka MattHis work reflects his intense passion for Lara Croft. His portraits have many layers to them almost as if she could talk to you while you gaze through his lens. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a … Continue reading Lara’s Studio September edition!

Lara’s Studio: ExiledMeatball

Hello all!In these hot summer days and nights, here is the latest entry from Lara’s Studio! Welcome to ExiledMeatball, a very talented virtual photographer that I truly enjoy and appreciate for such a creative eye. Check out the true beauty captured in the gallery below! But first, read more about this great VP at the following biography! The Biography! Hi! My name is ExiledMeatball. I … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: ExiledMeatball

Lara’s Studio: WeBeenCroft!

Hi everybody! I’m happy to say welcome to July’s edition of Lara’s Studio! In this summer edition we welcome the very talented and kind WeBeenCroft also known as Mehmet witch! One of the things that draws me to photography in the first place is a rich palette of colors! When a photographer can capture what the eye actually sees through the lens that’s a talent … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: WeBeenCroft!

Lara’ Studio: Laraliciously Croft!

Hello and welcome to the month of June and a that means a brand new Lara’s Studio! Let’s give a warm welcome to Laraliciously! Virtual photography is a specialty for this talented member of the #TombRaider fandom! If you are a fan of the franchise and enjoy virtual photography I will bet you will at the very least know of Laraliciously! Now let’s get to … Continue reading Lara’ Studio: Laraliciously Croft!

Lara’s Studio: Fantasy!

Here we are my friends in May to welcome the next talented virtual photographer! Let’s give a warm welcome to Fantasy! He is an upcoming virtual photographer and has a great eye for details in each subject!! Fantasy’s Bio Hi, I’m Fantasy! I’m relatively new to Virtual Photography, having only opened my account in January this year, so when I heard from Emma I was … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: Fantasy!

Lara’s Studio:Hashta

Here we are in April and it’s time for another Lara’s Studio! Let’s welcome Hashta! Hashta has a great eye for landscape in Tomb Raider that is done as if you are looking at a piece from a National Geographic page. The stunning temples, villages, jungles etc feel like a visit. This is the best perspective on any image for it can conjure an emotional … Continue reading Lara’s Studio:Hashta

Lara’s Studio: Featuring Zoli!

Welcome to the March edition of Lara’s Studio! In this month’s spotlight please welcome the talented virtual photographer Zoli! Zoli’s photos stay in your mind. There is a lot of care and thought that is put into each piece. Zoli creates the type of work and demonstrates a defining artistry that makes you want to come back and visit the work repeatedly. I am thrilled … Continue reading Lara’s Studio: Featuring Zoli!

Lara’s Studio Featuring: Athena

Hello, Tomb Raider fans! Welcome to the second edition of “Lara’s Studio” To kick off my February “Lara’s Studio” I am happy to feature the very talented virtual photographer, Athena! Her work is eye-catching and is receiving great recognition throughout the Tomb Raider community! Athena has a talent for capturing Lara in shots that make you look deeper into her character. I see many layers within … Continue reading Lara’s Studio Featuring: Athena