Lara Croft and Halloween

Hi there. Here we are in autumn again and another Lara Croft and friends couple of art pieces. These are themed as usual and about Autumn and Halloween. This piece showcases Lara croft from SOTTR. So in other pieces, we shall look at several Lara Crofts from different Tomb Raider games spanning the years. This is a work in progress come back for updates! There … Continue reading Lara Croft and Halloween

In The Shadow of an Angel

If you enjoy playing as the contemporary Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I have a new experience that I am sure many have tried by now. I liked The Angel of Darkness, so I used the skin for that game and played “The Sixth Seal” challenge tomb as AoD Lara! There is a video below as well. Enjoy the mini gallery and … Continue reading In The Shadow of an Angel

My 20 Anniversary Badges!

A re-posting of some artwork I did for the 20th! Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider I have created these page badges. Each one is from one of the Tomb Raider games from 1-10 I intend to add more with different themes. You can bookmark this page for further updates in this section. You can also check out my other 20th-anniversary  … Continue reading My 20 Anniversary Badges!

The Artful Influences of SOTTR Pt. 1

The Artful influences of Shadow of the Tomb Raider Written by Emma aka Okh Eshivar 11/07/2018 When you play through the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider you will notice many pre-Columbian influences. They are everywhere. Mostly in the same representation in little groups or separately, however, with these items in place in the game, it is easy to understand they did research the style … Continue reading The Artful Influences of SOTTR Pt. 1

Animation Project!

  I enjoy making animations, especially if it fits with my official Tomb Raider website. Here are two versions of an animation I made based off of my profile picture. It is a custom made render profile picture created by yours truly, me. Me as in Emma my pseudonym or you can call me Okh Eshivar, for that, is my website.  Anyway, the following animations … Continue reading Animation Project!

My Tomb Raider Creativity for Autumn!

Hi all! You may have noticed some new header artwork on my site. I decided to roll out some seasonal headers. I have done it before, but there is something inspiring about this time of year. I may edit this one a bit later. There are more to come that are not going to be headers, just Lara Croft art. The current header is a … Continue reading My Tomb Raider Creativity for Autumn!

Official Mobile App Okh Eshivar!

Introducing Okh Eshivar’s first official mobile app! You can download this android app I created on the Google Play Store. You will need a Google Play account to obtain this app! It took a while to design what I wanted and then get it all loaded into Google play developer account so it can be loaded into the Play Store. I enjoy doing crafty things … Continue reading Official Mobile App Okh Eshivar!

Lara Croft Go Sticker Fun!

  For those of you who play Lara Croft Go like I do, there are some fabulous stickers for your enjoyment recently released from this fantabulous game. But you don’t need to be a superfan as my friends and family call me to enjoy them. No my involvment with Tomb Raider  started in 1996 when the game came out, “Yes” I was sold from the … Continue reading Lara Croft Go Sticker Fun!

[New]My Gallery of Laras!

      Greetings, Tomb Raider fans! This had been a busy month for me and my family, job obligations, travel, studies, the great outdoors and exciting projects. However, as busy as I am, I try to keep things up on this end, so here is the latest in the art category for you all. These are different Lara poses and various backgrounds that I … Continue reading [New]My Gallery of Laras!

Classic Lara Meets Trinity!

“So you are Trinity,” Lara said with a look of contempt. It was her classic look before she pounced! My version of classic Lara created from my primary poser model. I love this, and the clothes were custom fit to her and textured and shaded to Lara. Like the phoenix, she will RISE! Explore The World! ~Emma Continue reading Classic Lara Meets Trinity!

Contemplating Lara: She lets her hair down

  Lara ponders events in her life. The unexplained and the tragedy of her family. On the cusp of her subsequent mission, she contemplates her next move in the privacy of her favourite childhood place. Not even Winston knows about this area of peace for Lara.  Explore the world! ~Emma      Continue reading Contemplating Lara: She lets her hair down